Tuesday, October 10, 2006

can we all just agree that life is amazing?

seriously, dudes. tonight i was eating tater tots with ranch dressing and talking to one of my best friends when i noticed that through the over-the-kitchen-sink window i could see the sun setting behind the golden gate. and the sun was huge! enormous! and the fog or haze or whatever it was was just the right combination so that i could look right at the sun. and the sun (which was giant, just in case you'd forgotten) looked like a peach. it was that exact beautiful color of orangey. thank you, the universe.

Monday, October 09, 2006

can we all just agree that it's kind of surprising to find a possum in your yard?

there it was, just hangin out, chillaxin (thanks, paws!)...not at all perturbed by the presence of audra and me. odd.

can we all just agree that outdoor roller skating is rad?

even if you do fall down after 30 minutes of successful skating and skin your hand and knee. (at least the yellow tights didn't get a hole in them! thank goodness for that.)

Monday, October 02, 2006

can we all just agree that riding 29 miles on a bicycle up and down hills is incredibly exhilirating?

good heavens. i almost finished the biggest race of the year around these parts, but then the people at the checkpoints started leaving. (i was in the back.) but it was amazing. and i loved it.

i also love my new smooth tires.

can we all just agree that dynamite hack's pretty excellent not-boyz-in-the-hood songs are unfairly ignored?

seriously, guys. yes yes, boyz in the hood is a fairly amusing cover, but every single other dynamite hack song is much better. you should give superfast a listen. it is an excellent album. trust me, you won't be disappointed. unless you have bad taste in music.