Wednesday, September 19, 2007

can we all just agree that life with little dudes is totally exhausting?

today i got to hang out with the nephews almost all day! and boy howdy, am i tired. the visit has been great so far, though. some highlights include:

•the fact that nephew #1 now says my name.*

•the leafy dance party that nephew #1 and i enjoyed, which involved both of us (but more frequently just me) raking up a big pile of leaves, and then the two of us taking turns dancing all around in the leaves and copying each other's moves. and if you have never had a copycat leaf pile dance party with a two year old, you should really look into doing that as soon as possible.

•the walk that nephew #1 and i took around (and around and around) the house, holding hands the whole time.

•nephew #2 smiling and laughing and laughing and smiling.

•a joint nephew #1-auntie SEE-wah photo session that produced some of the cutest pictures to never hit the internet.

*oh p.s.: my name is now pronounced "SEE-wah."

and now i must go pass out immediately. i hope you also got to have some good times today. goodnight.

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