Sunday, August 31, 2008

i think i'm kind of over energy bars too.

awhile ago a friend mentioned to me that he'd decided he was "kind of over energy bars," and that, in those times where energy bars seemed necessary, he was just going to eat a candy bar instead because they were far more delicious and a lot cheaper.

while i don't think either of us are actually prepared to give up entirely on energy bars under all circumstances, i think i am moving squarely into the candy-bar-instead camp. my conversion took place when i glanced down at the wrapper for an energy bar i had just finished and saw that the ingredients list began as follows: "protein blend, high fructose corn syrup, high maltose corn syrup, roasted soybeans, sugar..."

since ingredients are listed in order of relative quantity, this means that the energy bar i'd just consumed had more sugar (and fake sugar, at that!) than anything else. gross.

also, the ingredients list wasn't finished messing with me, because the energy bar also gelatin. and that is gross. it was in the "2% or less" part of the ingredients list, which is more than enough to irritate me (who would guess that fish guts are in a "yogurt honey peanut"-flavored energy bar?) and not nearly enough to make me think that fish gelatin plays a crucial role in anything about the composition of the bar.

in conclusion: candy bars are cheaper, tastier, and vegetarianer. candy bars, i'm in.


meh-wee-uhn said...

I limit my bar consumption as well. Isolated soy protein gives me the heedie jeebies. There's all sorts of articles talking about why ISP might not be the best thing for you.

On longer bike rides that will need to involve eating, I like peanut butter & honey sands, 'naners, apples (they are amazingly refreshing mid ride, try it!), those candy Swedish fish, and other things.

Apples, though. Apples.

sarah said...

yeah, i am sympathetic to the soy concerns too. although i do love tofu.

apples, bananas, pb&h, and swedish fish...this sounds like a plan. please come and visit and we will eat all of these things and ride bicycles. okay.