Monday, June 28, 2010

micmacs is a fantastic movie and you should probably see it soon

captain awesome and i went to the movies the other night and thoroughly enjoyed micmacs. its french title is Micmacs à tire-larigot, which according to the internet means "non-stop shenanigans," and that seems like a pretty concise summary of the movie.

it was directed by jean-pierre jeunet, who also directed amelie, and it is similarly whimsical and many lovely colors of brown. (jeunet also directed a very long engagement, which is like amelie, right down to the audrey tautou but very sad; i would not necessarily recommend it to a friend unless that friend was in the mood for a movie that is depressing and beautiful.)

micmacs. check it out.


Caroline said...

I am dying to see Micmacs but where can a girl get her eyes on this film? Is it on Dvd in US yet?

sarah said...

i saw it in a small theater in berkeley, but the internet tells me it is available for purchase. i hope you get to see it soon!