Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day.

to celebrate, some edward abbey for you:

"doc was gone, off to the trauma factory for an early morning bone marrow transplant. another poor kid, a little girl only ten years old, from the st. george area. acute leukemia again. plus cancer of the lymph glands. rather common down here in the southern part of the state, considering the relatively small human population. not enough numbers, of course, to serve as hard proof of anything, though the region lay downwind from the military proving grounds. the federal government denied responsibility and the federal judges, appointed to their lifetime $89,500 a year jobs by the federal government, decided—always—for the federal government. nobody knew why.

'of course,' explained doc, 'could be like they say only a statistical anomoly.'

'how come children keep dying of these statistical anomolies?'

'don't take care of themselves. don't understand probability theory. mathematical illiteracy all too common in our society. can be fatal.'

'i think mathematics is a fatal disease.'

'see what i mean?'"

-hayduke lives! p. 98

may you find things to care about, and ways to care.

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