Thursday, September 04, 2008

can we all just agree that "pervious" sounds like a really bad thing?

i know it's just a typo, and that they meant to write "previous," but man does "pervious" seem like something inappropriate.

there were also three other typos in my hiring packet, but none of them were nearly as interesting.


Anonymous said...

Pervious is what they call surfaces (asphalt, concrete) that drain.

I think you're thinking of pervy-ous.

sarah said...

ah! that makes so much sense! i do appreciate the word impervious (i have since i saw the naked know the part i mean, where the dude is showing steve martin his super expensive, super fancy pen that is "imPERvious to anything...except water.")

the other day i saw a presentation by a fellow geography student where she discussed pervious paving stones. and thanks to you, i didn't even giggle.