Wednesday, October 08, 2008

i'll say it: sarah palin is a terrible mother.

1. she knew her seventeen year old daughter was pregnant when she was offered the vice presidential nominee slot. her choices: say no, and keep her daughter's major life issue more or less an alaska matter; say yes, and make her daughter's pregnancy international knowledge.

her desire for her own political career trumped her desire to care for and protect her own child. unacceptable.

2. she was in texas when her water broke, but instead of going directly to the hospital, she gave a speech as planned, then took a commercial flight back to alaska, where she then drove 45 minutes to a regional medical center. any woman whose water breaks needs to go to a hospital or call her midwife immediately. particuarly since palin already knew that hers was a high risk pregnancy, there is absolutely no excuse for her failure to go to the hospital. 30% of newborns with down syndrome require immediate surgery for a potentially fatal congenital heart defect. quite simply, she endangered her son's life by:
  1. not going to the hospital right away;
  2. getting on an airplane;
  3. taking a long flight back to alaska;
  4. driving to a medical facility with a relatively low level of capability for dealing with newborns with special needs.
i've seen a number of strong, independent women tying themselves in knots over sarah palin. these women hate the idea of feeling like something they think or say is demeaning to another woman who has chosen to have a career and a family. i have future aspirations in at least one of those areas, and possibly both.

but nothing excuses the way she has treated her eldest daughter and her youngest son. on a personal level, she has failed.


rachel said...

every time i bring this up people say i'm sexist. i think i would be annoyed with anyone who made these decisions - father or mother. if bush or obama or clinton had done this i would be mad at them too.

Tricia said...

Of all the selfish, controlling, out of touch things in Sarah Palin's record, this one takes the cake. I have no idea what she could have thought was more important than the safe delivery of her child.
The Alaskan Photo Op?

Angelo said...

Palin's behaviour shows her values. The selfishness and disregard that led her to put her ambition ahead of her children demonstrates her true qualities. This is not at all the sort of person to whom we should give more responsibility.

sarah said...

rachel: it took me awhile to figure out why i felt so uncomfortable criticizing sarah palin's parenting choices—i do value working parents and i have a great deal of respect for women who are able to have both a career and a family, if they choose to...but i think you're right: it has nothing to do with the gender of the parent, and everything to do with the incredible irresponsibility of her decisions.

tricia: yep.

angelo: thanks for engaging with the colonials. we appreciate it! and yeah, no more responsibility to sarah palin, please.

thanks for reading, y'all.