Thursday, October 09, 2008

the presidential race, in photographs.

option one: obama. this man clearly knows his way around a baby. it looks to me like he participated in the raising of his own children. he's got great technique. of note:

the butt support
that baby's firmly anchored to his tummy. it isn't going anywhere.

the upper back/neck/head support
this baby is too tiny to be held without supporting its upper half, and obama's doing a great job with that.

the look
he's into it. you can't fake that kind of appreciation for a tiny person.

the stance
he's standing so that baby can still see mama, just in case the baby's not as into obama as i am these days.

i am impressed.

option two: mccain. dude has no idea what's going on. he's uncomfortable and confused, he's making other people miserable, and he has no idea how to hold a baby.


Anonymous said...

Can't we all agree...we;re tired of your obama/mccain comments? Lets talk about something else...

Evans McGowan said...

if you're going to have one wedge issue, it should be about taking care of our babies.

haha... good stuff.

Kate said...

anonymous- Can't we all just agree that since this is Sarah's blog she gets to pick the topics, and you can decide whether or not to read it or comment on it? Yes, I think we can.

sarah said...

anonymous: as long as i'm having nightmares about the outcome of the election (and finding awesome pictures on the tubes!), i'm going to write about it. i'm with kate on this one—the whole internet is at your fingertips.

The Unattractive Houseguest said...

Coming your way via Donkey Punch... this is a great post.. you have it broken down most excellently.

sarah said...

thank you, evans; ms. houseguest!