Saturday, November 29, 2008

my blog report on "Just a Little Guy" by sarah.

Just a Little Guy features pictures of cute animals (no cats or dogs allowed) and commentary that is generally confusing and almost always obscene. i love it, but it should get updated way more often. awww, the mysterious proprietor, tends to come and go as he pleases (kind of like a neighborhood cat, you know, the one you start to care about and put out food for, who is occasionally around for weeks at a time but will then disappear for a month or two, only to return like, "what? why are you acting like that?")

of particular note: possums in a box (safe for workish, except for the use of the f-word in the description)

fan boy friday II (reader-submitted photos, awww-provided totally nsfw commentary)

but seriously, you should just read the whole site. it is fantastic.

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