Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a strange thing happened to me yesterday

i was at work (a newish job that i really like!) and the phone rang. when i answered, there was a gap (like the sort you hear with autodialers) and then a woman came on the other end of the line. she sounded a lot like miss cleo, and she asked for me by name. she told me that she was calling because she had to check recent activity on my capital one credit card account.

since i don't have a capital one credit card account, you can imagine how confusing this was for me.

i had been kind of suspicious from the beginning because of the autodialer pause, so i started briskly asking her questions. i got the phone number from which she was calling (or, at least, a phone number), and i asked for the number of the credit card she was calling about. she gave me the last four digits (or, at least, a four digit number) and then she hung up on me.

i called the number that she had given me, and it was indeed capital one's automated system, but that doesn't really mean that was the number from which she was calling.

and then i spent several hours this morning ordering my free credit reports.

and that is what happened.

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