Monday, December 15, 2008

can we all just agree that karaoke is excellent?

because it is. b.f.h. and i started the evening off right with "girls just wanna have fun," and along the way we got in "livin' on a prayer" (which caused me to realize that many classic rock songs have choruses that are super fun to sing and quite well-known, and verses that are neither. you've been warned), "bohemian rhapsody," and "take my breath away" (i went for the high notes, and i'm not sorry.) we finished with "time after time." it was quite an evening.

next time, madonna.


Chris said...

No we can not!

sarah said...

i'm pretty sure that you just haven't had karaoke right. like when people think they hate tofu, and it turns out they've only eaten it plain directly from the carton? (although i think it's kind of delicious that way too...)

let's go sing karaoke sometime! it will be awesome!