Monday, January 05, 2009

possibly the most ridiculous text message not intended for me i've received to date:

"Who's hot... You!
Who's fine... You!
Who's cute.. You!
Who's sexy.. You!
Who's a liar..ME!!
Hahaha jk."

i would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of several important points:
  1. ellipses consist of three dots, and should have a space neither before nor after.
  2. capital letters are not necessary after ellipses.
  3. question marks (?) are required when one is asking a question.
  4. exclamation points, which must be used sparingly, should appear singly (!) or in groups of three (!!!).
  5. words written in all capital letters tend to evoke shouting. shouting is rather uncouth.
  6. "jk," while not quite as bad as "lol*," is still a totally stupid thing to write.
thus, corrected, this misdirected text message would actually read:

"Who's hot? You!
Who's fine? You!
Who's cute? You!
Who's sexy? You!
Who's a liar? Me!!!
Hahaha. I'm sorry for accidentally sending this text message to you when I clearly intended to send it to someone else. I'm extra sorry for accidentally sending this text message to you when you were kind of hoping for a text message from someone you'd recently begun to find rather shiny but who actually didn't end up sending you anything today at all.. JK LOL!!"

*"lol" is the bane of my internet existence.


Chris said...

meh-wee-uhn said...

Clear violation of punctuation rules:
Awe. Some.

b.f.h. said...

LOL is the bane of your internet existence? I think not! I have three words for you...lolcats & loldogs.

sarah said... got me there.