Wednesday, March 19, 2008

five years too many: another take

from the wildly misnamed stoopid stuff, mikey (a smart dude, a veteran, and one straight shooter [probably literally, too]): I'm back and I'm PISSED.

please go read it.

and thanks, t4, for the tip.


that anonymous guy said...

cry me a river

brother bear said...

we are crying a river, every last one of us. if you haven't lost a loved one, you've lost your house. if you haven't been unable to afford healthcare for your children, you've had to reconsider every purchase you make because the cost of education goes up every year in every state.

it's one thing to scoff at the idealists on either side of the issue, but the fact is that you, yes you personally, are now hurting because of this. regardless of whether you think it's illegal or not, moral or not, necessary or not.

remember all the times someone has mused about how much their dollar got them in a foreign country whilst on vacation? well guess what, BMW has just made plans to outsource production of their cars to the USA, because it's cheaper.

i won't post further on this and i'm not asking you to respond. indeed, the internet is a poor venue for changing minds, but i'd encourage you and every other person in this country, and on this planet for that matter, to really and truly consider the big picture.

the dollar is shit against the Euro and will get worse. at some point, China will no longer peg the Yuan against the dollar. nutritious foods become more expensive in America each year. fuel prices will increase as long as the middle east is unstable. and even if the candidate who you plan to vote for becomes president, it's going to take them time to start mitigating those things.