Tuesday, March 11, 2008

dude, brain, i already said we were quitting!

i really don't see why you found it necessary to give me a nightmare that included all of the following (note: list is not exhaustive):

pamela anderson
pamela anderson dying
traveling to some unnamed south american jungle
my childhood home
windows that wouldn't lock
my current bathroom
ninjas (sidenote: wtf?!?)
my friend and her little brother

as far as my dreams go, this one could have been a lot more interesting, but it sure did scare the bejezus out of me. i woke up terrified at 6:30 this morning (yeah, i know, lots of grownups wake up earlier than that on purpose. thanks for mentioning it) and i was scared to open my eyes, scared to turn on my lamp, scared to open my bedroom door, scared to walk to the bathroom, scared to open the bathroom door when i was done, scared to walk into my room, and scared to close my eyes again. you may have noticed that dreams sometimes really do affect me, but i think it's been about a year since i was frightened like this by a dream. (yeah, it was totally the bike shop/concert one.)

i think it was work. that, and the delicious cream puff i ate after dinner last night.


t4toby said...

My friend started a dream blog:


Just a thought.

sarah said...

thanks for the link! i took a look at it, and i appreciated the affirmation that i am not the only person who has ridiculous dreams and then feels compelled to share them with the 'tubes.

and now i'm waiting for a new post there...