Friday, July 04, 2008

happy interdependence day! (updated)

i am declaring today interdependence day.

i've had quite a few conversations in the last couple of months with other people about how we need to help each other out. this isn't a new idea, i know, but today, for myself and for anyone else who may wish to join me, i'm announcing and affirming my belief that i live in a world filled with infinite possibility for connections between myself and other persons, between myself and groups of people, between myself and other animals of the non-human varieties, and between myself and the physical environment.

i'm committing myself again to making intentional, harmonious relationships, and to seeking out new opportunities for mutual assistance and sharing of all sorts.

this kind of endeavor looks different for everyone, but for me it means doing my best to be open and generous, and to find creative ways to both give gracefully and receive graciously, and in doing so, work to create community and communities that are conducive to justice and met needs, and that take the power out of the hands of corporations and put it in the hands of all people.

i know that a new set of difficulties comes along with this kind of commitment, but i feel up to the challenge of working on my own boundaries, and i'm confident that i will become a better person through the joys and struggles of connecting more with others.

so. happy interdependence day. thank you for being part of my life.

update: so, as it turns out, interdependence day is not such a brand new idea after all. cool! i'm excited about it anyway. i hope you had a good one.

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