Tuesday, July 08, 2008

my blog report on "very small rain" by sarah.

my blog report on "very small rain"
by sarah.

"very small rain," a project of alan wiig, is an eclectic collection of beautiful photographs, passages from books, and observations on modern life. alan is an excellent photographer and has good taste in literature. he loves california in a way that more people should—unselfconsciously, and with an unflinching commitment to deconstructing the false narratives of its past, present and future. he's also a geographer, a map librarian, a talented bicycle mechanic, and a damn good friend. go see.

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brother bear said...

this blog totally reminds me of a performance art gallery that I was instrumental in setting up at an all vegan (except eggs for the brownies) co-op a few years ago, probably before "very small rain" existed. I still remember the lead player taking my suggestion to get plugs in his earlobes, like, waaaay before it was cool. whatever, we should all accept each other for who we are because everyone is different. I'm gonna go smoke some Marlboros, which is like totally funny because cowboys are hella lame. I was wearing Dickies waaaay before they were.

sarah said...

go do something weird to your hair, hipster.