Saturday, July 05, 2008

life imitates xkcd/xkcd imitates life

like just about everything else i've ever seen on xkcd, this comic made me laugh. it's one of the older ones, but i thought about it again the other day.

i try to avoid looking at the comments on youtube videos entirely (unless the video is one that i'm in. then i read them all. or i look carefully at the empty space where they would be if anyone had made any comments.)

but the other day i was watching the excellently awesome video for ronnie james dio's musical masterpiece "holy diver," and i accidentally looked at the comments.

the one that was at the top read as follows [spelling, punctuation {or lack thereof}, spacing {or lack thereof} and overall hilariousness original author's]:

"Zairron I dont know what prompted your outburst but I do know that the Canadians faught on our side during the 2nd world war,( England) They are a brave and noble people"

and now you know. thank you, canadians, for being a brave and noble people. and for whatever role you played, canadians, in helping ronnie james dio become so awesome. (even though he was born in new hampshire. i guess that new hampshire is sufficiently close to canada that you people might deserve some of the credit for his genius. or maybe not.)

also, here is the video for "holy diver." you might want to be careful of the comments.


brother bear said...

everyone knows Canadians are the gentle giants of the frozen north. they are more afraid of you than you are of them. if you are an American, they are probably pretty ashamed of you, too

sarah said...

that's probably true, eh.