Sunday, May 20, 2007

can we all just agree that it is really important to make sure that the area where you plant carrots has well-loosened soil that goes pretty deep?

and these pictures show why. i grew this carrot in my garden, but when i planted it (along with a bunch of others), it was late winter. so it was cold, and really muddy and wet. i didn't pitchfork the soil up the way i should have before putting in the seedlings. oops. but you have to admire the tenacity and commitment of this carrot! even when faced with a challenging soil environment, it tried to grow in several directions. despite physical discouragement, it didn't give up. even though it was straining against compacted earth, it found the energy to grew a beautiful set of greens on top. (the compost says thank you.) it is also important to note that it kind of looks like it's breakdancing or something in those last two pictures (particularly when they are viewed together). furthermore, it has provided an excellent visual reminder of the importance of proper pitchfork action, a reminder that has already informed my further carrot planting. finally, and equally importantly, it tasted good. in conclusion, kids, use your pitchforks. that's what they're for.

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