Sunday, May 20, 2007

can we all just agree that news of the weird has some pretty fantastic stories sometimes?

here is my current favorite, filed under "can't possibly be true":

Our litigious, anger-fueled, dispute-intensive society took a break in a Folcroft, Pa., courtroom in March, as landlord Genevieve Zumuda, 77, was suing tenant La Tina Osborne, 32. In the middle of Osborne's defense, Zumuda started shaking and suddenly stopped breathing, but Osborne interrupted her argument and gave Zumuda CPR until paramedics arrived. "When people are down," Osborne said, "if you can help them, you help them." [Denver Post-AP, 3-14-07]
you can find this story here, and many more stories like it here.

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