Friday, May 25, 2007

can we all just agree that nephews can be totally hilarious too?

nephew #1 loves cows. like loves them loves them. he gets to spend time hanging out with cows, too, so he has a more realistic idea of cows than other little dudes who might just read about them in books or something.

one of the manifestations of this superior understanding of cows in theory and in practice is that he's got a great "moo" going. it isn't "moo," necessarily; it's more like "mnuuuuuhhnh." also, it is awesome.

the other day we were all in the car together, and there weren't any cows in the field on his side of the car (which is a major bummer, of course). he kept mooing (or mnuuuuuhhnhing, as it were,) and his mama said, "[nephew #1], there aren't any cows right now. let's keep looking, and i think we'll see some pretty soon!"

nephew #1 replied, "mnuuuuuhhnh. pease*?"

*you know, "please" for the folks who haven't yet mastered consonant blends?

and it was awesome.


that anonymous guy said...

maybe he'll get into husbandry!

sarah said...

i kind of secretly hope that he'll get into 4-h steer-raising.