Monday, June 18, 2007

can we all just agree that built to spill gives excellent advice about life?

from "made-up dreams":

"no one wants to hear / what you dreampt about / unless you dreampt about / them /
don't let that stop you / tell them anyway / and you can make it up / as you / go."

also, this song is from an album called "perfect from now on."

i love built to spill. i hope you do too.


that anonymous guy said...

we can agree on some things.. I really like "you in reverse"

sarah said...

i'm so glad we can agree about some things. i do like agreement, as you already know.

i don't know if i've heard "you in reverse." what album is it from?

that anonymous guy said...

it is an album ;)

click on media

sarah said...

aha. thanks for the tip.