Friday, June 15, 2007

can we all just agree that having your own plum tree is pretty awesome?

but that the awesome just continues when the plums are both ripe and delicious?

and when you might have baking adventure plum time with housemate? (stay tuned for photos of this!)

yes! happy friday!


that anonymous guy said...

wow, they look like cherry tomatoes! are they the same variety as supermarket plums?

sarah said...

they definitely look like cherry tomatoes. but i promise that they're plums.

and as far as their supermarketiness, i suppose it depends on the supermarket. i don't know what variety they are, but i think it's some sort of ornamental plum. they are tasty, but probably not really primarily intended for snacking (not that that's a reason to hold off on eating them, of course!) (the tree is gorgeous when it's covered with blossoms.)