Monday, June 18, 2007

can we all just agree that getting rid of things is satisfying?

dudes, i have a lot of things that i don't need. many of them are giveawayable (goodwill's about to get a couple megabags of clothes, and people to whom i send packages are totally in luck [superballs! shh...]) but others are not. like bank statements from 2000. all of them. sometimes i wish i had a paper shredder. or a fireplace.

but it's still great to be making more space in drawers and stuff. satisfying. yes. (so satisfying, in fact, that a new tag has been born. welcome to the world, satisfying. i will now have to go back and read all previous posts, to ensure that no satisfying post remains untagged. and when i am done, guess how i will find that?*)



that anonymous guy said...

I really don't like tags, because I'd always think of more, and then I'd have to go back and re-edit everything. I suppose if I came up with a differentiated list of tags, I could tag each entry in some manner, and then retreive groups by tag, later, for further clarification; either way it's more work than I'm prepared to embark on readily.

I definitely agree getting rid of things is satisfying.. I have a lot of satisfaction coming my way if I can manage to part with my crap...

You should buy a paper shredder. They're not terribly expensive.

sarah said...

yeah, retagging is kind of time-consuming. i try to keep the tags to a minimum because of that. also because, as brother bear asserted today, with too many tags, "they become kind of meaningless." yase. that is true.

but still, i think there's something awesome about being able to categorize things. and then, if you're in the mood to read about kids, you can click there. or people saying funny things. or music. you know.

i don't think i'll buy a paper shredder, because it's not really that hard to tear up old papers. also, if i had a paper shredder, i would just have another thing to deal with. i'm trying to work toward negative thing growth. (or at least to restrict the thing growth to really cool stuff. [like another bike! someday.])

that anonymous guy said...

tearing up sensitive documents really isn't good enough. I consider anything with my ssn or bank account # to be sensitive. there exists technology to circumvent many paper shredders, ripping stuff up just doesn't cut it. LOL

Also, shredders are not very big, everything the produce can be recycled, and it even helps, since that's the first thing the recycler is going to do.

I don't really see why you'd have to deal with it any more than a blender or a computer monitor.. it's just an appliance. I suspect I have vastly more stuff than you.

Finally, you may be able to acquire a shredder for cheap or free. CL and Freecycle are great for stuff like that.

sarah said...

it's not that a shredder is somehow more difficult to deal with than a blender, it's just that more stuff i don't really want is kind of silly.

but! i recently had a conversation with someone about a shredder and i learned a technique in advanced shredding: put the paper in at an angle! then it gets shredded all crazylike! amazing! and strangely, incredibly statisfying. i might use someone else's shredder just to try it. and to start to get rid of the bank statements from 2000.