Wednesday, June 13, 2007

can we all just agree that splinters are a total bummer?

i got one yesterday, from weeding. yes, weeding. (not just for calluses anymore, apparently.) at first i was convinced that it was at least half an inch long, but i have since revised my estimate to the slightly less dramatic 4/10ths of an inch. or 2/5ths, if you really like reducing fractions.

it's pretty thick. i got some of it out last night (1/10th of an inch of it or so) but most of it is still in my thumb.

i wanted very much to take a picture, in order to add it to the gross*, injuries sections, but my camera is apparently unable to focus on something that close, so you'll just have to use your imaginations. i trust you.

today, the part that remains is kind of infected. not hugely so, but kind of white and raised. the splinter piece moves back and forth, too, but i can't get it out. i'm trying to decide if i should continue to wait it out, which was what we always did when i was a kid (we got tons of splinters), or if it is time to put a needle in some rubbing alcohol and perform some self-surgery. it's getting pretty distracting.

*i'm not sure how gross it really is...audra was pretty unconcerned, but both of the housemates were totally disgusted.

update: when i soaked it in hot water, the pus that i squeezed out had the consistency of snot! that is gross!

update #2: i sterilized a safety pin, and poked around a little bit until i could get it out. it was also a little bit gross.

but, falling squarely in the AWESOME department is the fact that the splinter had started to get slimmer and lighter in color already...oh yeah, my body was ready to break that thing down, if necessary, and assimilate it! we are the sarah. we will assimilate you.

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