Thursday, May 01, 2008

and speaking of greenwashing,

did you hear about the sierra club's exciting partnership with clorox? they're making environmentally friendly cleaning solutions! hooray clorox! clorox loves the earth! also, environmentalists!

(here's what's happening: the sierra club is promoting and endorsing a new line of cleaning products, manufactured by clorox, that is much more environmentally friendly than, say, bleach. [a highly competitive field, yes.] the sierra club's logo is on the packaging, and they are receiving an unspecified amount of money in exchange for their support.)

this is greenwashing. the sierra club is lending its venerable(ish) name to clorox, a company whose environmental impact and history is pretty dismal. i am not impressed.

i used to have so much respect for the sierra club. now, i don't.

update: edited to bring the snark:analysis ratio a little more equal.


Anonymous said...

The Sierra Club has some interesting politics.

I have no links or sources, but I seem to remember them acting very Republicanish in the past.

sarah said...

the sierra club is moving rapidly toward corporations as the agents for "solving" environmental problems. which is, technically speaking, total bullshit.

people, the "free market" is not going to solve your problems. there is not a profit motive in keeping the environment clean. the money's in doing absolutely as much nefarious stuff as you can get away with.

and t4, was it maybe when some members of the sierra club decided that "illegal immigration" was the #1 environmental issue upon which the club should be focused, since "they" come "here" and then live like "they" did "there"? because that was pretty disgusting. i don't have much respect for using environmental concerns as cover for a xenophobic agenda.

and the environmental impacts of "third-world" population are pretty well-matched by the environmental impacts of "first-world" consumption.

Anonymous said...

The Sierra Club has been taking big money from some less than Green people for a while now, & it shows. They know they're the go-to people for lazy pundits when they want the "Earth-Friendly" take on an issue ... except that they're just not that Earth-Friendly anymore.

Sad to think that they were once the cutting edge of ecological protest in the US. Good luck finding anything of substance they've accomplished in the last decade - they're really good at fundraising, not so hot at activism.

sarah said...

anonymous, i've recently come to the same conclusion myself. it's sad, really, to see how the sierra club's changed.

i think there are still local chapters doing great things, but the national club is pretty dismal.