Thursday, May 01, 2008

can we all just agree that thomas friedman + pie = pretty satisfying?

thanks to html mencken at sadly, no! for letting us know about this. and also for using the exceptional phrase, "the altogether inadequate but still somehow satisfying flying pastry of cosmic justice" in the aforelinked post.

thomas friedman is one of my very least favorite commentators ever. and the fact that, in the last couple of months, he's decided that he's always been a huge environmentalist is even more infuriating.

i think that anyone with half a brain can see that totally unregulated global capitalism is bad for the environment (to say nothing of its effects on actual, um, you know, people), so for totally unregulated global capitalism's biggest cheerleader to simultaneously attempt to position himself as some sort of renegade, no-b.s., pragmatic, cutting-edge environmental thinker is incredibly offensive to me.

note that the pie was green. this post, from rising tide north america, explains the greenwash guerillas' specific motivations for the pieing. (hint: they have a suspicion that corporations are not necessarily going to save us from the problems that they have created.)


brother bear said...

I tried really hard to think of a totally fucked up, nonsensical syllogism to post here but it's just not coming to me. It's too bad that they chose something so humiliating, but one the other hand, Thomas Friedman is basically an apologist for the disenfranchisement and in some cases outright discrimination and physical death of millions of people. So maybe getting hit with a pie isn't all that bad.

sarah said...

bb, you make me proud to you know.