Tuesday, May 27, 2008

can we all just agree that waking up GRUMPY is no way to begin a new week?

i don't even know what was wrong—i ate well and exercised yesterday, and today's going to be a fine day. i think it could possibly be that funny letdown after some really fun times; the last week has been exceptionally good. but there's plenty of exceptional good on the horizon too. a shower helped.


Anonymous said...

Better you wake up Dopey or at least Bashful and let Grumpy stay asleep.

Yours Truly

his (X) mark


sarah said...

i usually wake up with a combination of the three. but this morning? just grumpy.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope these guys are just names of your cats. Otherwise you might need the services of Doc.


Anonymous said...

One idea:

Mercury is in Retrograde.

sarah said...

anon: i could never sleep with cats. waking up with the kitty pox is no good at all, and would make anyone grumpy.

t4: interesting hypothesis.