Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mothers' day!

to the mothers on the birth certificates (hi, mamacita and the nephews' mama!)
and the mothers who step in when somebody else's kid needs some mothering
and to all the folks, of any gender, at any time who love and nurture and cherish and challenge and encourage and appreciate and feed and hold and cuddle and play with and sing to and tuck in anyone's kids, anywhere:

thank you.

i hope you get a chance to say thank you to someone who has been like this for you today.

and also that you remember that science promises that one caring adult can make all the difference to a kid who's got all kinds of other tough stuff going on. you can be that person.


Jilly-O said...

I really like that hippo picture.

sarah said...

me too! it was great to see you the other day. i love you, jilly o!