Tuesday, July 10, 2007

can we all just agree that citizens here & abroad is a fantastic band?

i heard them last year on college radio, and scribbled a note to myself on the back of a gas station receipt that said "citizens here and abroad drummy dreamy pop" and i stand by that characterization (though i would like to take the opportunity to express my concern at my occasional habit of writing on gas station receipts while driving. that's unsafe.)

two songs from their album entitled "waving, not drowning" have been on heavy rotation around here. they are called "accelerator" and "in the dark," respectively, and i feel they are deeply relevant to my life experiences in a way that i am not going to explain to the intertubes.

i will, however, point you to http://www.citizenshereandabroad.com, where you can learn more about citizens here & abroad yourself, and even download some free music. including a joy division cover. how is that?

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