Tuesday, July 24, 2007

can we all just agree that new bikes are exciting!, no matter who's getting them?

yesterday i went test riding with the dad. he's been on a 40-something pound steel beast with shifters on the downtube for the last several thousand miles, but we were looking at some pretty, shiny, partly-carbon brand new bicis (for him at least; the saleswoman was kind enough to send me out too so that i wouldn't have to sit and wait, but i was on a slightly too-small commuter bike that just fit funny [but not ha ha funny] all the way around.)

so we were riding around near the bike shop, and he kept saying, "this feels way better!" "this bike is great!" and other related things. because yeah, if you go from a clunky steel frame to a 20 pound one with sweet shifters in the brake levers, of course it's going to be overwhelmingly awesome.

and i got to be there. sweet!

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