Thursday, July 05, 2007

can we all just agree that cryptic calendar entries are even worse than confusing lists?

my calendar says "rr" next saturday. what on earth does that mean? i have absolutely no idea, and it's driving me crazy. also, what if i forget to do something that i promised to do? what if it was going to be really fun? please, dudes, help me out. if you solve the mystery in my comments section, i will be eternally grateful, and may even make you a mix cd.

update: i figured it out. it was more of an "i'd-like-to-go-here-maybe-if-i-put-it-on-the-calendar-i'll-actually-round-up-some-folks-and-go" kind of thing and less of an "i-promised-to-do-something-today" kind of thing. i didn't manage to go, but the summer is still young. yes.


that anonymous guy said...

rave related is the first that comes to mind, rest and relaxation second.. but I'd put r&r for that :p

sarah said...

rave related things make me giggle, and i don't have to schedule giggling.

rest and relaxation is a great idea in general and a good guess in this situation, but i don't really use that phrase. i am much more likely to write something like "chill out today dude, yes." and also to remember having written it.

but thanks for the attempt, ag.