Tuesday, July 10, 2007

can we all just agree that "the sneeze" is a great website?

check it out, dudes! worthy of special attention is "steve, don't eat it!"


that anonymous guy said...

wow, thanks! way better than pictures of kittens!

I've heard (and read about) such things as potted meat and spotted dick, but I've never heard of (or seen) corn mushrooms, or canned pupae.

I must admit, I tried Baco'Bits all on my own, but I didn't make a sandwich, I just popped one in my mouth. They definitely do not taste like bacon, even remotely.

sarah said...

i'm glad you like "the sneeze" too. fake (vegetarian) bacon strongly resembles beggin' strips (which i think is the doggy treat to which you are referring), but i think it tastes at least inspired by bacon.