Monday, July 30, 2007

can we all just agree that living with a scientist can be kind of amazing?

so tonight i was talking to one of the housemates about my ongoing ankle situation, and he told me that he had a water bottle in the freezer (which i already knew about! and it amazed me! because, in addition to being a real water bottle [like hot water bottle style], it had stars all over it. yeah, sometimes it doesn't take much) and that i could use if i wanted to...and that since it is half water and half alcohol, it never freezes! but it does get really cold. and since it is water in a flexible container, it gives great coverage. massive ankle swelling, i will get the best of you yet!

totally amazing? yes!


that anonymous guy said...

I hope the alcohol doesn't attack the bottle - is it rubber?

saline also has a lower freezing temperature, and isn't corrosive to rubber. If it's plastic / vinyl, then it doesn't really matter.

sarah said...

i bet he's got it covered. he is a scientist, after all.