Wednesday, August 01, 2007

can we all just agree that i am totally getting old?

in addition to enjoying raspberries, baby snuggles, and thomas the tank engine viewing parties, i have gotten into the habit of having a little bowl of ice cream when i babysit. i use one of the tiny kids' plastic bowls, because lately i have been pretty happy with a little bit of ice cream.

i used to eat huge bowls, and love it. the last time i had ice cream with my dad, we both ate so much that we had stomach aches (yeah, yeah, i know, total grownup superstars. be quiet.) but now, i find myself totally satisfied with a little bowl. and i'm also aware of how rich real ice cream is.

yep. totally old.


Joe said...

Easy junior, easy

that anonymous guy said...

aging certainly, old? nah. I think you're younger than me, and I'm not old.

sarah said...

but that's the funny thing about the intertubes, isn't it? i might not even be just one person...who knows?

that anonymous guy said...