Friday, August 17, 2007

can we all just agree that jets to brazil's million is a song worthy of great appreciation?

just like death cab for cutie's cover of "all is full of love," i prefer the album version to the "i-probably-recorded-this-with-my-fancy-camera-phone" version...but here's what youtube has to offer today. i hope you like it*.

*old people alert! you probably won't! but i still like you anyway!


Joe said...

Jeremy Chatelain is a friend of a friend :-0 who once got us for free into a Joan of Arc show, possibly an equally coole band. I think Pedro is on the same label....

sarah said...

wow! that is an exciting story! they are, in fact, on jade tree, which is good news for everyone, because the jade tree site has lots of free mp3 downloads. so, amigos, check it out:

once compy 3000 is feeling better i will listen to some joan of arc!