Friday, August 17, 2007

can we all just agree that smoking is disgusting?

seriously, dudes, quit it.


brother bear said...

How the heck else am I supposed to round out my hipster image? I mean, come on, these Converse All-stars, gym socks, pants tight enough to choke God, belt buckle shaped like Texas that says "Don't Mess With Texas" on it, (white T-shirt)/(black long sleeve shirt) under pre-stressed faux vintage button-down, studded leather bracelets, black finger-nail polish, lip ring, black ear posts, and (Glenn Danzig helmet hair)/(retro sweatband) aren't going to speak for themselves!

You're such a conformist.

sarah said...

bb, it's like you see with my eyes! damn, kid, you should really move here...your mind already lives here.

sarah said...

oh, i mean you're totally right. did i mention i'm vegan? can i bum a cigarette?