Tuesday, August 07, 2007

can we all just agree that sometimes it's hard to write a cover letter without feeling like you sound like smoove b?

"...i will bring to you and to your workplace the most energetic of enthusiasms for your critical and crucial work, work which is very important and which i would like very much to join you in doing. if you are not sufficiently enthusiased with the jobs that i am doing, which i have no reason to believe that you will not be, i will continue to try again with tenacity and grace, and also with skills which i have learned and gained in each of my previously-enjoyed employment opportunity experiences of the past, carefully articulated details of which can be found on the following page..."


that anonymous guy said...

I don't understand the significance of your italics. How many kinds of sleep-overs are there?

that anonymous guy said...

you probably think I'm a dick, and you might be right. sorry.

sarah said...

when you try to dictionary me out of having nephews, yeah. i kind of think you are.

most of the rest of the time, though, i appreciate that you read and comment so frequently.

so i dunno, maybe ease up on being the family police, because i would do anything for those kids, and they call me auntie sarah, and the exact biological relationships between me and them are both unimportant and not really the business of the entire intertubes. but stick around, as long as c.w.a.j.a.?. is enjoyable to you.

and thanks for the apology. i appreciate it.

brother bear said...

bwahaha! that should be your cover letter anyway!

sarah said...

duuude, maybe that's why i haven't found a job yet! you are genius!