Monday, October 01, 2007

can we all just agree that it is important to have a good bookstore?

there is one very close to my house. i went there shortly after they opened, because i was very happy about the prospect of an independent used book store a block away from my house. and it is awesome. i love going there, and i rarely leave empty-handed. and even when i was super underemployed, that wasn't a problem, because the books are really cheap (like usually less than $3 cheap).

i got a prayer for owen meany there, and i'm rereading it (one of my favorite high school teachers assigned it to me when i was a junior, and i didn't think that i would like it, but he knew me pretty well and it turned out that i loved it. a prayer for owen meany is absolutely one of my favorite books, and now i've got my very own copy. hooray!

today mamacita and i picked up a funny pie cookbook from 1965 (sample sentence: "most women are fascinated by pies."), a novel about the french resistance, the poisonwood bible, and even cowgirls get the blues. for $4. total.

and the weather was beautiful. and i got new tire levers. and i made a pear crisp and split pea soup. and life is good.

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