Monday, October 29, 2007

more wacky dreams.

just one, really. the other night i dreamed that i was at the beach but the tide was really low and so there were islands surrounded by shallow water, but really low long waves too.

and there were a bunch of dead horses in the water. they were all stiff, and their legs were sticking straight down, but when the waves rolled in and out, the dead horses were flipping over and over.

i was understandably upset about it, and i decided that i would try to find out who or what was responsible for the dead horses. i learned that the italian government had recently installed a huge iron fence, although it wouldn't keep the dead horses off of the beach when the tide came in.

this somehow meant that the italian government was implicated in the dead horses situation, and so i set off to learn more. i was moving through the cars of a passenger train, but i had to hide from the people who didn't want me to solve the mystery. they were trying to waylay me by doing things like offering me barbequed roadkill skunk on a fancy platter.

i was getting to the bottom of it, too, but then someone sent me a text message and it woke me up.

i probably shouldn't have eaten that grilled cheese sandwich right before going to bed a little drunk after staying up for 22 hours that day. blah blah.

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