Thursday, October 18, 2007

can we all just agree that riding home from work is, in fact, totally excellent?

i have recently decided that the freeway i take to work is way too dangerous. it has all the normal freeway problems (serious slowdowns, accidents, ladders/wheelbarrows/recliners/boxes/mattresses in the road, stalls, cars on fire, etc.) but lately it has also had pretty spectacular problems as well. almost daily. so the freeway and i? no longer friends.

i also realized that i've been comparing driving and biking/taking the train in an unfair and inaccurate manner. i always think that driving takes 20-25 minutes, and i know that the train sometimes makes me wait up to 17 minutes, when i miss the one i wanted by a second or two, and then the train ride is 24 minutes, and then i bike for 10-15. but when you consider that the best case driving scenario is incredibly rare, and that i at least know how long the bike-train-bike operation will take, it becomes sillier and sillier to think about driving.

i rode my bike to the train station and took the train, and then rode from the train station to my office today, but i finally got a chance to ride home with a friend this evening and it was fantastic. i feel amazing (but really tired) from the exercise, and i didn't have the stress of driving at all today. score one for me! (and one for the polar bears!)

i hope that we will make a habit of riding together. she is a pretty serious cyclist and she rides almost every day. some days i know i can't do that because i've got things to do in the evening, but it just felt so good that i hope to do it often.


Anonymous said...


Bravo bravo dear Lady. Bike it is the only way to get to and from work if you can. Learn to wear a mirror on your helmet or glasses if you can it makes riding safer and more interesting as well.
Carry a tool kit ala bag on abeam ie Topeak's many versions w enough room for exta cloths, food... Healthy riding.

b.f.h. said...

I'm glad that you can ride your bike to work! Even if it takes longer, it's totally worth it. And my vote is for no mirror on the helmet. You may slowly turning into your mom (who is awesome so it's not a bad thing) but that's just going a bit too far...

sarah said...

yeah, i'm pretty anti-mirror. it may just be because i'm a vampire and it makes me self-conscious.