Wednesday, October 03, 2007

can we all just agree that new vacuums are exciting?

oh my gosh. the housemates and i just got a new vacuum and it has changed everything. (our old one was a 1960's model that weighed about 5,304 pounds and was a stunning lime green color, but it decided to go ahead and stop working. also, the hose liked to detach itself from the body while you were using it. i will let you decide if this was fun or not.) it is red and glittery, and it has a bunch of attachments for various tasks. my favorite one is a little oval-shaped brush, which does a great job on molding. there is also the power paw, which i like to call the "power paw. rarrgh!" which is adjustable—you can switch it to be horizontal or vertical, depending on your cleaning needs. the other exciting one is a duster that is made more effective by the power of science—it gets ionically charged or something, and then the dust flies to it. and then you put it back into its special little home, and the vacuum sucks all the dust off of it.

something else wonderful about the new vacuum is that it is bagless, so everything that you vacuum up gets sucked via tiny tornado into a plastic canister, so that you can look at it and be kind of grossed out and satisfied, all at the same time. today i vacuumed the area underneath my bed and both sides of my mattress, as well as some of the molding near my door and part of the kitchen floor. all of us have used the vacuum today. i want to vacuum my whole life.

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