Tuesday, October 09, 2007

can we all just agree that two year olds can be harsh?

tonight, at dinner, the two year old i babysit: "YOU. ARE. NOT. DEEDEE! YOU. ARE. NOT. ONE OF THE DOODLEBOPS!"

lest you think this was one of those awkward situations where an old person tries to convince a young person that they are "hip...cool...tuka-tuka-tuka-tuka," let me state for the record that:

1. this was completely out of the blue. we had been eating in silence and i had been looking at her brother.

2. i have never, at any time, claimed, insinuated, intimated, or otherwise represented myself to be one of the doodlebops.

3. their cd drives me a little nuts.

below, deedee doodlebop, who i am not.


brother bear said...

deedee doodlebop looks like she'll wait until you're asleep before stealing your soul to power her unholy guitar.

brother bear said...

oh, excuse me, unholy KEYtar.

sarah said...

oh brother bear, remember the worst of the kids' music tapes we had? (there weren't many...thanks mamacita!) but remember the worst? like that one that was all about trips? "riding in the car! looking out the window! there's so much to see out there!(x2) houses and trees and other cars! boats and a single shoe [btw wtf?] lights and cars and animals! i see too!"

it is way worse than that.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I remember that "Riding in the car" song... what a crappy album, but it had a tolerable rendition of Kookaburra.

sarah said...