Friday, November 09, 2007

can we all just agree that casual friday is great?

i feel like a total weiner, being excited about casual friday. but i am. excited, that is. whether or not i'm a total weiner is perhaps open to debate.

but dude, it is so nice to have one day a week when i can always count on being able to wear something comfortable to the office. no constant tugging, special undergarments, or being kind of too cold all day, not on casual friday.

and comfy (and warm enough, and easy to bike in) shoes! yeah!

i wish every day could be like casual friday. clearly the world doesn't end when people wear jeans and sneakers to my office, so why not the other four days? (or just mwf, that would be fine with me too, because i have a different job on tuesdays and thursdays. tuesdays and thursdays could be suit of armor days or whatever, i don't really care.)


Joe said...

Yeah, I'm going to have go ahead and have to ask you to com in on Sunday too. Did you get the memo? We need to put the new coversheets on those TPS reports.

sarah said...

oh gosh, that movie has taken on an almost spiritual significance to me.

remind me sometime; i have my very own version of "CORPorate accounts payable, mina speaking...JUST a moment!"