Monday, November 12, 2007

can we all just agree that the promise ring is excellent?

once i read that the promise ring was having a reunion tour, and i was really excited. but then it turned out that the reunion tour was one show in a state that i live very far away from. it was a bummer.

what is most certainly not a bummer, however, is the following video. it is for a song called "why did we ever meet?" (which is something that i have wondered about a few people myself.) this video is pretty rad. it has everything: cute boys, bmx bikes, furries, short shorts rollerbladers, cute boys.

also, the song is good. for a long time, i misheard the chorus as "you, you're always good / you're always dressed to fall in love," which i think is even better than the actual words.

hooray for the promise ring!

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