Sunday, November 18, 2007

i have a crush on my bicycle.

during most of my lunch breaks, i sit alone in an office where i stash my bike while i'm at work. and i have realized that i have a pretty serious crush on my bicycle. i just like looking at it. i don't ever get tired of that, because i love seeing the familiar parts, and there is always something else to discover.

and even when i'm not gazing at the bike, it just feels nice to be in the same place with it. even when we're not touching, or when i'm doing something else entirely, it is wonderful.

and i think it is fond of me too. it was really understanding when we crashed (although the sidewalk was far less forgiving), we work very well together, we are very physically compatible, we're definitely comfortable with each other, and our relationship just keeps improving. it was never bad, we are just getting to know each other even better as time goes on, and it feels great.


Anonymous said...

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sarah said...

thanks! i also like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter too! come back soon!