Tuesday, November 20, 2007

reasonable questions from the short set, volume 1

tonight the four year old and i ended up talking about about the tiny hat he was wearing (to the uninitiated, it might have looked like a metal one cup measuring cup, but it was a hat, okay?) and i asked him if it had shrunk in the dryer. this was a new idea for him, and he asked me a couple of questions about clothes shrinking before running off to inform his mother that clothes sometimes shrink in the dryer. he asked her why, and she gave him a very reasonable explanation involving the threads in the clothes getting really hot, etc. then there was a pause and he asked very earnestly,

"does it hurt?"


audra said...

so very adorable. love it!

sheesh. you are privvy to some very key moments in these kids' lives. I'm glad you take the time to chronicle them...even if only for the world's amusement.

sarah said...

yeah, they're fun.