Wednesday, January 16, 2008

adios a bolivia / goodbye to bolivia

manana me voy a salir de bolivia. tengo muchas cosas para contarles. hoy fuimos a las ruinas de tihuanaku, y estaba pensando en esta cancion todo el dia. es de neil young originalmente, pero aqui tienes built to spill. buenas noches.


tomorrow i'm going to leave bolivia. i have a lot of things to tell you. today we went to the ruins of tihuanaku, and i was thinking of this song all day. it's by neil young originally, but here you have built to spill. good night.

update: this is not the video that i want it to be. i was trying to find it while using one of the public computers at the hotel, so i couldn't listen to it first. i didn't want the jammy version, i wanted you to hear the lyrics. but i've scoured the internets and i can't seem to find it. i have a scratchy cassette tape with a live version on it, and it is amazing. i hope that you can encounter one as well.

"cortez the killer" built to spill

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