Thursday, January 03, 2008

i'm bringing cranky back

here are some bad ways to spend your two 10 minute breaks from a job that makes you feel dreadful anyway:

1. navigating the phone options of your health insurance's member services department in an attempt to speak to a real person (your fifth call in three days) to find out if they have finally received your application that will allow you to spend a very large sum of money on kind of crappy coverage because people chose to be dishonest about your benefits;

2. making your second call (because they didn't call you back the last time you called over this) to the dentist to find out why they have suddenly started sending you large bills (complete with finance charges!) over an appointment you paid cash for months ago (because you don't have dental insurance);

3. trying to get in touch with people who are both failing to hold up their part of a group project AND being incredibly passive-aggressive about it.


Joe said...

dyslexic med student said:

did you ever notice that AND is DNA spelled backwords [sic]?

brother bear said...

you should give your shitty groups member(s) phone number(s) to the dentist. tell them you've outsourced a personal assistant job and that they handle all your expenses.

sarah said...

aw, thanks, you two. good point, good advice. i miss y'alls.