Monday, January 28, 2008

seventeen times.

that is how many times my phone buzzes when someone calls when it is set on "meeting" (because i'm in a meeting, at work.)

i tried to look extra-attentive, but it was kind of awkward.


t4toby said...

Some guy told me to tag that blog post with 'Naked Wal-Mart Girls' to generate traffic. I figured Blowing Your Lunch and Naked Wal-Mart Girls kinda went hand-in-hand. The results were inconclusive.

The Super Bowl tag, by the way, generates hundreds of hits a day during this time of year. And referring to Cheney as the Big Dick is always guaranteed to bring in the curious.

Ah, Meta. Good times, good times.

BTW- blogger sux, 'cause I tried to strike the word horny, and it wouldn't let me. Boo-hoo.

sarah said...

i wonder if it's the combination of "naked", "wal-mart", and "girls", or if the secret is in the entire phrase. hmmm.