Monday, January 28, 2008

it's okay, you should laugh at them too.

two nights ago i had a dream right before i woke up about scientologists. they were presenting something or another at a conference or something like that, and because i had read in their promotional literature that one of the kids i know from camp had recently started hanging out with them and was going to be part of the presentation, i decided to go. i was really concerned about this kid, and i wanted to try to talk to him about it if i could get him away from the scientologists.

so the presentation began, and not too far into it, a scientologist who was sitting in the back of the auditorium next to me started FREAKING OUT about the importance of outlet covers (you know, the kind that normal people use to keep little kids safe from brilliant ideas about sticking forks into the wall?) but in this case, their purpose was to block evil spirits out of the house. apparently, the evil spirits were outside and liked to enter via electrical outlets. the presenters were clearly quite flustered, and it seemed like they were really trying to get him to tone down the crazy since there were members of the public around.

the whole outlet cover-as-protection-against-evil-spirits idea struck me as ludicrous, and in my dream i started laughing uproariously. the audience, which until this point had been pretty quiet and respectful, started laughing along with me. then the presentation started devolving pretty quick. the presenters were starting to get rattled, so they would lose their trains of thought, and i would laugh or trash-talk almost everything they said (which i really don't think i'd do in real life.)

then, they invited out a bunch of people who had been participating in their modeling classes/acting school, and it turned out that i knew all of them (or maybe just almost all of them). they were folks i grew up with, who i went to a summer program with for years. and some of the scientologists were making mean jokes about some of them! and i was mad about the mean jokes, and concerned that my friends might have been brainwashed by the scientologists, and a little hurt that i hadn't been invited to hang out with the scientologists myself.

and then i woke up.

i also had a crazy dream last night; i don't know what the deal is with all the dreaming action lately.


Anonymous said...

I approve this message.

sarah said...

awesome! i can tell that you're not a scientologist!